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Artist’s Statement

I have always loved the outdoors.   At some point I began carrying a camera with me to document trips for the sake of memory.   In doing so I began to notice patterns and details that are less often observed without the perspective of frozen time.   These details first became apparent to me in the natural landscape, and eventually in the urban landscape as well.   These observations inspired me to pursue photography as a hobby and eventually an integral part of my life.   Today I can't walk anywhere without noticing light, form, color, and framing images in my mind.   I wouldn't have it any other way.

My own work in combination with the study of other artists' images has tuned my vision to perceive what at times appears to be another world which is superficially similar, yet far more complex than the one I was previously constrained to.    Photography allows me to visually explore the world, and share those observations with others who might be similarly inspired.

I work primarily by way of experimentation and refinement.   I create images and then study them to identify those which most vivdly capture my experiences.   With these observations in mind, I then return to create more images in a cyclic refinement.   The end product is a series of images tightly edited to portray my experiences, and hopefully to share something that otherwise may go unnoticed.

I have recently shifted my workflow from using a lab to bringing my printing in-house with an Epson Stylus Pro 3800 printer.   Having complete control over printing increases my ability to experiment with new techniques and allows me to produce the highest quality and most consistent prints.

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