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Thank you for your interest in viewing my work. I am constantly working on publishing new portfolios from my inventory of over 16,000 images, so please check back frequently.

High Falls Series 1 Portfolio Thumbnail High Falls Series I (Rochester, NY 2006-2008)

One of the things I find fascinating about photographing in the High Falls historic district of Rochester, NY is the way my vision slips so quickly from the literal to the abstract. I find a never ending stream of geometric studies within this uban landscape, and use them as an underpinning for the series. Within these abstractions lie other interesting studies in decay, renewal, and the struggle between beauty and harshness within an urban microcosm.

Available in open editions: Small (6x9) each $50,  Large (10x15) each $275

Ontario Twilight portfolio thumbnail Ontario Twilight (Webster, NY 2004-2007)

I have always felt a strong connection to this location.   I have also felt a strong connection to water, so it is no surprise that I was drawn to the Webster Park Pier.    Having spent many years working to understand this place, I realized that my connection is not simply to the water, nor solely in the often stunning sun sets.   The synergy and balance of the two elements creates a truly spiritual energy which this portfolio intends to portray.

Available in open editions: Small (6x9) each $50,  Large (10x15) each $275

Webster Pines portfolio thumbnail Webster Pines (Webster, NY 2007)

A small section of Webster Park contains an impressive pine forest growing on a mound. The trees are extremely tall and mature, but over time began to fall. I found the patterns they created fascinating, and begain exploring them through the lens. Even more impressive were the gravity defying feats attempted by some of the trees which never made it all the way to the ground. I say attempted because only a few month their vertical journey was completed with the aid of a windstorm which competely changed this landscape and brought all the trunks to the ground.

I returned to this location four months after shooting last October to find that a recent wind storm had knocked the tree structures to the ground. Excepting all but the smallest, the suspended trees have collapsed to the ground. While I plan to continue expanding this portfolio with new images from this location, it could be years if these structures are ever seen again.

Available in open editions: Small (6x9) each $50,  Large (10x15) each $275

Willowfall project portfolio thumbnail Willowfall (Webster, NY 2007)

Irondequoit Bay Park West is a testament to the ability of Nature to reclaim both the works of man and herself. This project explores the twisted wreckage of a giant fallen willow tree and its surrounding area. Within the gnarled branches a world reveals itself as though the branches frame a portal.

Available in open editions: Small (6x9) each $50,  Large (10x15) each $275

Fire on the Ridge portfolio thumbnail Fire on the Ridge (Webster, NY 2005)

On June 18, 2005 three homes were set ablaze by the Webster Fire Department as a training excercise, or controlled burn. Many neighboring departments joined in to take advantage of the opportunity. As a photographer, this was one of my first forays into photojournalistic work, and it was quit a thrill. From across the road the heat was unbearable when the wind shifted. This gallery seeks to capture the event as well as the unreal power of a house fire.

Available in open editions: Small (6x9) each $25,  Medium (8x12) each $75

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